Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Cutest Boy I Know.

This is me with my nephew Milo.
I held the cup for him as he REALLY took his time to sip up the chocolate milk I got him.
He is the cutest boy I know.
He is one of the very very very few boys that has ever told me "NO!" straight up.
When we look at I Spy books and I want to change the page before he is done naming everything he can, he will tell me "NO!"
He loves to throw tennis balls.
And stick toy cars into doll houses.
Yesterday when we were reading a book he set his sippy cup next to me. And then when I adjusted it a few minutes later he thought I was going to drink from it so he of course told me "No." then took it from me in a very abrupt manner.(:
He knows a few things in sign language.
And I love it when I am feeding him and he does sign language for "more" and "please."
I also love it when he says duck.
Random stuff eh?
Point is, he is the cutest little boy ever!
I just love him. Especially when he is being a talker.
He walks around like he is a boss.

Today was a long day.
I woke up to a phone call at 6:30 from Dylan.
This is pretty much how it went:
Me: Mmmm Hello?
Dylan: Good morning Sunshine!!
Me: Huh? Wow... Oh! Hey!!! Hahah wow. What time is it?
Dylan: It is 6:30 and I just thought I would call to make sure you wake up and have enough time to get dressed and ready for church today.
Me: Wow. It is six thirty!!! You are INSANE!! But thank you...?
Dylan: Just looking out for you. Make sure you go, and you are on time, and sing your heart out, and don't fall asleep!!!

Such a basic conversation. But totally helped to start out my day right.
Even though it was at six thirty and I went back to bed until Seven Thirty... ha!
It meant a lot that he would do that and look out for me in that way.

So, I went to church. And didn't sing. Ha, but I did almost fall asleep...

After church I made some hot chocolate, and turned on a very weird movie... And that was weird. I couldn't even finish it. It was that weird. So I went and showered, wrote two letters and went off to sing for an hour. Which I almost fell asleep while singing too. I hate being so tired all the time!

Dinner was delicious. My absolute favorite! Fajitas are soooooo yummy. But I never eat a lot.
I spent a lot of time today painting my nails. I put on two layers of colored nail polish and two layers of clear nail polish. And now guess what? I want to take it off. It is sooo messy!

I think I have gotten to the point again where I get really sick.
I seem to be alright but then about every three to four weeks I get really sick. And even lose my voice. Which stinks when it comes to A 'Cappella.

Did I mention how well the A 'Cappella concert went?
I am sure I did... But I will say it again... It rocked.(:

I can't wait for Thursday and Friday!!!