Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Can't stay awake & Can't sleep.

Not going to the cabin this month.
It was declared too dangerous because of a possible storm.

Going out to California for Thanksgiving.
I hope that maybe I can drive out to Vista and visit Grace.
Not likely that I will be able to get out there, seeing as it is a three hour drive...
But I still have hope.

I also hope to stop by St. George sometime soon...

Just random trips that need to be done.

Ever feel so alone in a huge crowd of people?
I hate that feeling.

I got an email asking what kind of things I do in my free time.
To be honest?
I have been struggling a lot lately. So I sleep a ton. I HATE IT.
I tend to read. Because I am a nerd. I would rather spend time in a book store than in the mall.
Other things I do would be blogging, taking pictures in new places, and practicing new songs to perform.

Thanks for the emails.
I love having conversations with all of you.