Sunday, October 9, 2011

BYU Homecoming Parade.

Gotta love a man in a uniform.

Truu- Blu

The BYU Marching Band sounded soooo good!

I love you Cosmo!

This poor little puppy looked so tired!

They had some pretty sweet cars.

This guy was telling a story to his friend when he passed by. It went like this:
A Father: Yeah my son joined the Air Force.
A Man: Oh... Well that's okay, we all make mistakes.

So Funny.

My Sweet Awesome Family!

Mara got to play with the Timpview Band. They sounded really good too.
They are heading out to Pearl Harbor in November!
And Mara gets to go with!
Go T-Birds!

These people were really funny.

Lots of fun dancers...

This kid was with the law school. And he wore a Tootsie Roll bag on his head like the whole way.

Hahah "If you go to school you will be smart." Cleaver huh huh?

They had this on the front of a golf cart type deal. And the rest of it was decorated as a wagon. Cute idea.

This boy was soooo fun to watch. He was so excited. And went around waving his pom poms in the spirit squads faces.

"Smokey, only you can prevent forest fires!"

Awesome car.

Woo! Love me a hockey boy.

Hahah Caroling Llamas.

Check it out, this Llama got air!

I had no idea, but my Dad used to take a fencing class!

All the girls that went to the parade.

My little baby brudda.