Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bloody, bruised, and swollen.

Woke up with a gasp.
I am still shaking from before I went to bed.
I look at the ceiling and try to catch my breath.
I am exhausted but know it is still really early.
My room is completely dark.
Not even a little light from the moon.
I lift my arm and reach over for my phone on the book case.
After unplugging it the screen lights up.
31 new messages. 4 missed calls.
I unlock my phone and click the end key.
It is 3:04.
I only slept for two hours.
I place my phone on the pillow and roll over onto my side.
Breathing in... And then out... In... And out...
Each breath is pinching and stings.
But I just lay there.
In hopes that maybe I will fall asleep out of boredom.
Moments later a yawn comes to me.
I open my mouth only an inch when the pain comes like a shot of lightning.
My hands quickly move up to my face.
I can feel that my face is still swollen.
It hurts so much.
I try swallowing. And then opening my mouth again.
It hurts even worse this time.
And I can start to taste the blood again.
I roll over onto my back.
I can't believe this.
A minute later I check the time.
It is now 3:15.
It is freezing and I don't want to get out of bed.
But I don't like the taste of blood so I take a deep breath and slip out from under the covers.
I walk down the hallway to the bathroom and grab my white NuSkin toothbrush, and some UltraBrite toothpaste.
I am just about ready to cry when I spit into the sink and all I see is blood.
I rinse off my tooth brush and toss it into the trash.
I rinse out my mouth next, and then wash my face.
I look horrid.
Just a complete wreck.
I feel like today will just be a challenge.
I go back to bed for three more hours, sleeping on and off.

Showering once you have gotten up for the day is so nice.
Just starting off fresh.
I had pancakes for breakfast.
But they weren't as good as they should have been.
It hurt so much every time I tried to take a bite.

I went back to bed at 10 for only a few minutes until Peter called.
He asked if I would be willing to do Face Painting at the BYU Tailgate party.
Of course I said yes.
I quickly straightening my hair and put on mascara then got a ride over to the party.
Traffic stinks.
And parking would have been horrible.

I am no tattoo artist, but I can paint faces.
A lot of people asked for Y's on their cheek.
But I got everything from a Blue or White Y on the cheek to a butterfly, star, heart with a Y inside, cougar paws, cougar faces, #1, etc.
The other girl painting faces would only do the letter Y and cougar paws.
It was fun.
I asked this one boy if he was excited for the game, he was like 3 and he said "Yes! I am cheering for BYU!"
I just laughed and said "Thank goodness! Because now you have a big blue Y on your face!"
He was so cute.
I also told a little 4 year old boy that he was going to get all the ladies hearts with this face paint.
He then asked me if he had my heart. I just laughed and said he was a stud.
Gotta love the little ones.(:

A little on edge, and feeling weak today.
But I hope to have an awesome evening/night.
I guess we will see.

Go Cougars!