Thursday, October 13, 2011


Please tell me I am not alone on this.
I tend to hold my mugs this way... ^
I hardly ever use the handle unless I am using both my hands to drink out of the mug.
Odd huh?
Had hot chocolate today.

So I guess it was a pretty good day.
Totally tried to do my AP Psychology outline and that really failed. I spent half hour working on it and didn't even make it half way through the chapter!

English rocked today! We are reading Frankenstein and the discussions we have are great. I had so much fun in class. Orme is a great teacher.

And holy cow! Best day in Debate ever! It was great to finally get new competition topics. And I am soooo excited for my Original Oratory! I doubt it will be hard to memorize. Performing it will be awesome! I just need to write the 1o minute speech and have it approved before fall break. AH!

Oh my goodness. Okay. Breathe... (:
Dylan called me today.
We didn't talk at all yesterday. Which was good and bad.
But he is such a great guy and I am so thankful for the really close relationship we have.
But he called kind of near the beginning of eighth period. And we talked for about fifteen minutes. We were both kind of worried about each other but it was for the dumbest and funniest reasons. So it was nice to talk with him. And next week we are going out to the Timpanogos Temple to do Baptisms. I am so excited.(:

The concert went so well last night!!! I loved it. I thought it turned out so great! I am so happy to be in A 'Cappella!

So I am kind of stressed about school. But I have mostly A's so I should be good.

Going on a date this weekend with a boy nearly two feet taller than me.
It's going to be great. hahah.(:

Alright. I am out. Later!