Friday, October 21, 2011

Better Than Christmas.

These are by far my best friends.
I love these Elders.
Elder Bitton, and Elder Brannock have been so awesome to me for months.
They never fail to make me laugh. Or to brighten up a horrible day.
I hardly slept last night I was sooo excited for today!
I was able to get a temple recommend on Sunday and today they took me to the temple.
My heart was pumping so fast.
Both of them were watching in the baptistery and making sure that everyone went under all the way.
And I sat out in the chapel just shaking. I was so nervous!
Elder Bitton was great and would smile at me after almost every person and just be so reassuring that everything was great.
I mouthed to him "I don't want to do this. SCARED!"
And of course, his reply was perfect.
He told me to pray.
Except he didn't really tell him...
If you have ever seen the best two years, when the missionaries all get together to pray. Except for one. So then one of the missionaries folds his arms and motions to the missing missionary to come for prayer... That is how Elder Bitton did it.
(If that even makes sense.)
So I went through with it. I got confirmed and baptized for the dead.
Better than Christmas.
Such an incredible experience!
I don't know why I was so nervous. Because it was amazing.
I love missionaries.
These pictures are so typical of what we are like.
Love you boys.
Thank you for changing my life.

From left to right:
Elder Bitton, Little Miss Me, Elder Brannock.

So we are walking back to my car.
And Elder Bitton says "Hey get a picture of me with Leah. I haven't gotten one with her yet... Oh and Leah. I am going to sit on your car."
Um okay? hahah so we sit on my car. And get two pictures.
One with thumbs up. And one just smiling. So nice!
Then the same thing happened with Elder Brannock.
Took two fun and good pictures.
Then I said "Wait! We need some on my camera!"
So of course, I just assume they will be nice and do good pictures with me.
But NO.
You've got Elder Bitton (on the left) who comes over and just poses on the car.
And since he did a pose Elder Brannock went from a nice reverent smile to his pose.
Thanks a lot Elders.
Thanks for being normal for my pictures.

From left to right:
Elder Robinson, Elder Bitton, Little Leah Anne, Elder Brannock, Elder D.

These last two pictures are from before we went into the temple.
Can you see how much less confident I look before, and how much my confidence approved after coming out of the temple?
I loved this morning.