Saturday, October 1, 2011

Best October First EVER!

I woke up this morning at 3:30 and could not sleep. So I went downstairs and made some "pink milk" and then some pink lemon-aid. After that I went back to bed and didn't wake up again until twenty minutes before Seven.

Thanks to my dear friend, I had tickets to go to the first session of General Conference so I knew I needed to get up but I was sooo tired. Just as I rolled over to get out of bed, I heard my mom get out of her bedroom so I quickly rolled back over facing the wall again and pretended to be asleep so that my mother could walk in and tell me to get up. There is just something about starting my day by hearing my moms voice before anyone else. It is great.

So after she left I got out of bed and started getting things ready. I pulled my outfit out of the closet and walked over to my dresser to get my peds to wear with my freakin' awesome cow girl boots. As I walked over to my dresser I sneezed. I am not a loud sneezer but my bedroom window was opened and a jogger running by yelled "bless you!" It was sooooo funny.

After getting ready and freaking out because I thought I had lost the tickets, but really they were just on the piano... Kaytlyn and I left for conference. It was a great ride out there. And we got breakfast on the way. I think we made pretty great time. We had a parking pass and that was nice.

There were plenty of protesters on temple square, which of course is always a bummer.
I always feel so bad walking past those people asking for extra tickets too.
I was soooo blessed to get these tickets. And I was happy to be going with Kaytlyn.
Lines 5-8 had all kind of merged and we had no idea what we were doing but we ended up going into the line for door 8 because it was really short. But no one noticed. On our tickets it told us to go into door number 7. So when Kaytlyn told me we were going to get in line for number 8 I kind of started to panic. I kept asking if it was okay. And if they would get mad. I even thought about trying to figure out how I could cover up the number 7 on my ticket so they wouldn't see it when they scanned it. After they scanned it and we got in to go through the medal detectors I told Kaytlyn I felt like I had just been a huge rebel or committed a crime. So funny. So dumb.

Conference was amazing. We had great seats and it was just ... Incredible really.(:
The prophet wasn't there when his counselors walked in and it was really weird. But they went ahead and started and it was just odd. It wasn't until the intermediate Hymn when President Monson came walking in. We decided maybe he slept in. hahah. But really he just got caught in traffic. Even the prophet is really human. ;D

It was so wonderful to hear the prophet speak. It made me feel extremely happy. He is just wonderful! And the announcement of refurbishing the Provo Tabernacle to become a second Provo Temple was amazing. I loved hearing the reaction from everyone in the Conference Center. And it is so funny that just last week I had a whole conversation about that with a group of friends. Where we drove by and wondered what they might do. And at the same time both Dylan and I said "Oh my gosh. What if they make it into a temple?!" And guess what?! They are. It is going to be awesome. I might even want to get married in there instead of the Logan Temple. But we will see. Because the Logan Temple is GORGEOUS! So are all the others though...

On the way home the traffic was annoying so we stopped at IKEA to explore and eat. The food I got was not as good as I thought it would be and I didn't even finish half of it. But we got a "dinosaur" piece of cake. We nicknamed it the "Dinosaur Cake" because it had some weird name that sounded like a Dino name. It was sooo yummy.

After getting home I discovered that my mom made cinnamon rolls!!! I love my mothers cinnamon rolls. They are the best. So that was quite the treat. After taking a short nap I went to Seven Peaks to watch part of a Warriors Hockey game. I love hockey games. But I was still so tired. And even though there were playing very violently and shoving people around a lot, I decided to go.

It was nice to go home and just sit and talk with family for a little bit. Six of my brothers left for the priesthood session with my Dad at the families chapel. It meant so much to my dad.

Hyrum brought over three of his kids for us to watch during the priesthood session. They are so great. Mia can be quite the cutie and a fun talker. Meg has the best laugh ever! And Milo is seriously the cutest little boy ever. I love him!

We watched soooo many Disney song music videos until they finally decided to turn on Pocahontas.

I can't wait to get my phone call at nine. I hope it comes.

It was a wonderful day.
I was so happy all day.
I hope tomorrow is great too.

Oh and by the way... The photo shoot last night was perfect. I had so much fun. It was a great experience. I can't wait to see all of the pictures!!!

I seriously need to fix my blog.
Sorry everyone!

Have a wonderful night though.(:
Much love!