Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ahh best day ever!! This week anyway...

I loved today. I just can't help but smile. Woo!!!

So I went for a scooter ride in the cold (so cold!) but it was awesome!

Wait okay lets start from the beginning!

So... I started curling my hair at 6:30 this morning. And I curled my hair, got dressed, and did my make up oh and got my school bag ready ALL IN half an hour!
And we were ten minutes early to school! How many girls can do that?! Ha. Kidding. Anyway...

So English rocked. I totally snapped at one of the boys. But after I did he was way super nice.
Then Cooper told me I looked really pretty today and that was sooo sweet! And then Cole kept saying hi and asking how I was and it was so nice.

Then I helped out Mr. Man. That was kind of frustrating... So much work to do today! But I love that class.

And then I went for a scooter ride! Soooooo cold... Like I said earlier. (:
And moving on...

Debate rocked! We talked about competition and then we got our topics for the November- December debates. I am sooo excited! And everyone was way nice. I sat at a table with people I normally don't sit with on the team but they were so kind! And even though I didn't go to competition Eric still gave me a high five and was fun to talk with.

I had to take a dumb test during lunch. And Gabe and I had made lunch date plans so I felt really bad. But it had to be done. So I took the test (probably didn't get the best score...) then went out for lunch... Right as eighth period was starting!
I grabbed lunch, ate it super super super super super speedy fast...

WAIT! Oh my gosh! I can't believe I forgot!
Michael called me today! I haven't heard from him in forever! He is seriously the cutest boy and the last time I talked to him was like a week ago. So so so sweet. But I missed his call... :/ And that is okay because he left a cute voice mail and then we just texted.

Alright fast forwarding... zoooooooomlkdsjfl iajsdrlfje

Okay so I went to Seminary. And I was late. BUT I made it in time to hear a freakin' awesome story! I will have to post that at a different time. Because seriously it was like "Woah!" And yeah. Super good. But we didn't really learn anything... Just listened to a cool freakin' long story!

Oh my heck! Okay rewind! alsdfjlsdjfil jwlfkjsdlkfjsdlkfjdsfs
I recieved three dozen flowers today! THREE DOZEN! From a secret admirer! Oh my heck! So gorgeous! one dozen pink, one dozen red, and one dozen white roses! I was soooo shocked! I love them! Ahh!!!! So gorgeous. I seriously blushed when they were given to me. Soooo kind!!! Ah thank you so much to whoever did that!

Anyway... So I have to do a lot of homework.
And I lied about the A 'Cappella concert! It is on Wednesday October 12 at 7:30pm.

I am in such a good mood.
Last night I was a little on edge but TJ totally cheered me up.
And ever since then (despite a rough night of sleep) I have been so happy. So thank you TJ!

Oh and my dear sweet cute friend Amber returned the love through a text today just paying it forward. She is soooo cute and I am so thankful for her! Love her! Thank you cutie!

So I need to post two more times today. Tune in I guess.(: hahah.

But like the picture of me being a "dangerous driver" and only driving with one hand... But that is beside the point... The picture shows that today deserves two thumbs up! Love it love it love it!
Thank you everyone for all you do!

I loved walking through the halls today. Because everyone seemed to say hi or wave or give a high five. So nice. SO SO NICE! And everyone that I even just sort of know seemed to say "Hey Leah!" in the halls today.

Hugs and kisses and high fives and thumbs up to everyone!