Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What do you say when you can't seem to say anything right?

Well... The only words that never seem to fail are:
I love you.

There was once a time where all was right.
A time where love was grand and lit up the night.
There was once a time where other people didn't mean a thing.
A time where we were surrounded by snow in our midwinter fling.
There was once a time where I believed and trusted in what you said.
A time that still exists, but hides as a memory in my head.

Now it's a time where we hardly find minutes to talk.
A time that feels lonely, scared and unwilling to walk.
Now it's a time that escaped through your soul.
A time that my eyes feel like two empty holes.

Now we have time to figure out who we are.
Dreaming for something just out reach, or wishing on a star.
Our time now is to try and correct what we did wrong.
Together piece by piece we can fix our broken song.

This song may not be one you want to add a verse to.
But our song is easier to write together.