Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I probably slept for about half an hour last night.

Longest dang night in a while.

I was soooo stressed and scared and worried.

Waiting for 6:00AM to hit was like waiting for Christmas morning.

As soon as my phone went from 5:59 to 6:00 AM I was out of bed.

I grabbed my brush and went to the bathroom to turn on the straightener.

My straightener is awesome. It is purple and heats up to 375 degrees in thirty seconds. Magical huh?

I started to straighten my hair (in my very unique way that I don't talk with anyone about ha.)

And was finished within five minutes.

My bangs worked out sooo well today.

I walked back into the room and told Maria that I left the straightener on for her and what time it was.

I hopped back in bed to send a text and just lied there trying to calm myself down from the previous twenty-four hours..

I decided on my outfit for today last Friday.

Dumb? No. I just wanted to wear my stripes today.

So I hurried and got dressed while Maria straightened her hair. I was finishing my makeup when she walked in. I then walked out to go get breakfast.

Since I didn't sleep much, if at all last night I thought about what I would eat for breakfast.

I was soooo excited when I decided on this cake my Mom made on Sunday.

Oh my goodness! I would drool over the frosting.

And guess what? It was all gone. Ugh!

But it was okay. I just cut a piece of the angel food cake type deal that Sylvia made for Sunday.

It was way good. My first piece and just delicious.

Maria came down to eat just a few minutes after I had poured myself a glass of milk.

She asked me if there was a secret reason as to why I drink milk all the time now.

My reply? Of course there is a secret reason! Joshua and I are having a competition to see who can build stronger bones. My secret weapon is milk. And the other part of the secret is that Joshua doesn't know about the competition.

But in all honesty? My best friend Thomas and I always drank milk when we ate at his house and now it is just a habit.

After brushing my teeth I grabbed the car keys and walked into the living room. Maria and Joshua both stood up and then Maria said "ugh. Joshua I can't believe you wore stripes too."

I looked at my shirt and thought "um... Stripes..." looked at Marias shirt and saw stripes. And then looked at Joshua and saw that his stripes were the same color as mine.

Like for reals guys? I planned this Friday!

Maria claimed to have planned it last Wednesday.

And Joshua only decided it ten minutes before leaving because I told him his other outfit was too dark.

Once we got to school Joshua took his stripes off and just wore his black T-Shirt.

It was ridiculous.

But funny.