Friday, September 9, 2011

No Comment.

Saw Bitton and Brannock today. That was nice.
Went out to lunch with seven girlfriends.
One left halfway through.
And then Mike texted me asking if I could keep everyone there for another ten minutes.
I said sure.
And guess what?
Mike and four of his friends each carried in three dozen roses (red pink and orange) with seven balloons. They all wore tuxedos too! And they asked all the girls to homecoming.
As soon as they walked in, I walked out.
They just used me to make sure the girls stayed there.
Do I feel used? Yup.
Job well done boys. Job well done.
So overall?
I have no comment on Today.
All week I have been dying to go to Park City or Lagoon.
Did that happen? No.
So overall?
I have nothing to say.
Back to the title.

Off to bed.
Sleep well everyone.