Saturday, September 17, 2011

Longest Dang Weekend EVER.

I watched Battle of Los Angeles yesterday.
That was gooooood.

I have been feeling extra sick and sore lately.
It is a bummer.

I went to run errands with my Mother dear today.
We bought me a black back drop!
So come do portraits with me.
I am very excited for it.

What is with BYU and not being able to hold onto the dang ball tonight?
What a bummer for the first game.
Wouldn't that suck to have to keep playing,
AFTER you know you are for sure not winning?

I love Michael Vey.
Richard Paul Evans did a great job.
LOVE LOVE LOVE the book.
And I can't wait for the movie.
And for the rest of the series!

Off to bed I suppose.
I am soooo bummed I didn't go out to Tucanos for dinner tonight.
/: It was going to be so much fun.
Lame sauce.

Hyrum is blessing his twins in church tomorrow though.
Can't wait!
I am soooo happy for him.

Hugs and High Fives.
Keep smiling everyone.
And goodnight.