Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Job Interview.

Today I got a text message at 10:30.
I was like, uh what?
I had just finished a test and was getting out of class.
I went to my car so I could run home and get the tardy log stuff for A Cappella.
On my way back to school I got the phone call.
It went a little something like this.

"Hello I am calling for Leah Anne Moan-see-vee-us. Is this her?"

"Yes it is. May I ask who I have the pleasure of speaking to?"

"Yes, this is ---- from ------- Photography. I would like to speak with you about a job offer."

"I beg your pardon-"

"Now before you think this is a scam, I want you to know that we have clients that mention you. So we looked you up online and found a little bit of your work. We would like it if you would come in for a job interview today. I understand you wouldn't be able to put together a portfolio but we can just look online and discuss it. How does this sound to you?"

"hahah. Alright. It sounds good. What time would you like?"

Crazy huh?
Doesn't look like I want the job though.
Don't get me wrong,
it pays well.
It isn't that many hours.
It is a wonderful way to meet people.
It gives me a lot more experience.
And it is my passion.
But they "Proudly Shoot Canon."
And uh, I own a Nikon D3100.
This camera is like my life.
I guard it with my life haha.
No way in heck am I trading it in for a Canon like they suggested.
I would never ever ever give this camera away.
Not even for twice as much as it and its extra lens and its bag is worth!
It means way way way too much to me.

Plus the photo companies biggest day is Sunday.
They try to do everything but weddings on Sundays.
And if they don't fit on a Sunday then they do some Tuesdays.
Crazy eh?
I will think about it.

Well hope everyone is good.
I am going to sing the national anthem at the Timpview Benefit Soccer Game tonight.
Wish everyone luck!