Sunday, September 11, 2011

Jacob Christopher Jackson

A face we love is missing
a voice we know is still,
a place is vacant in all our hearts,
that only you could fill.
Tears in our eyes they won't go away,
we wish you were here with us today.
We know you never meant to hurt us,
or to make us cry.
Our love for you will always stay,
if only things didn't end this way.
But now you've brought it to the final end,
we will always remember you as our friend.
We love you
Rest in Paradise until we meet again.

Oh boy. My eyes get watery when it comes to March 13, or September 11.

As I remember all the victims of the 9/11 tragedy I also remember my dear dear friend Jake Jackson.

Jacob, thank you for all you taught me.

Thank you for teaching me how to be better. I am sorry I forgot a lot.

Thank you for teaching me how to say "It takes a lot of brains to look as dumb as I do." in Italian without telling me what it meant... For months. Thanks a lot Jacob.(:

I wish the last time I saw you was a much happier experience.

I can't wait to see you again.

Thanks for being my friend Jakerz.

Thanks for doing everything you did for me.

Thanks for looking after me.

And thank you Jakey... Thank you for caring about me.

I definitely miss you. But thank you for teaching me how to learn from experiences like this.

Thank you a million.

Friends forever?

-Leah Anne.

Here are some posts from right after Jake died from his friends on Myspace.

(Because back in 2009, myspace was cool. ha.)


its a shame you passed away. you promised we would hang out, you promised me you would get better. you told me you would come to Warped Tour. but i don't think none of us had this coming our way. but now that it has,all i want to do is cry. you were always there when i needed you. you were the first love of my life. and you were just the sweetest kid i had ever known. you would always tell me i was beautiful,you would help me out on stupid drama. thank you for everything. i love you,and miss you. rest in peace son, i will sure see you soon. 03.13.09

"I hope heaven needs you more, Than I need you now, You know I love you, I love you " - Lovely, Breathe Carolina



Jake I'm gonna miss you so much you knew how to cheer me up when i was down. Even though you moved away so we couldn't hang out nearly as much. That doesn't mean anything your still close to my heart, and I'll always remember you. i love you baby boy. :(


[RIP. jake.] :( ill miss you.<3]


So here it is.

Happy Birthday Jacob.

Today you would be 19.

I always knew you would never end up with a gray hair.

We all miss hanging out with you.

We have grown from our loss.


The best things in life have to be taken away from you. LOVE you Jake so much. Forever and ever you will always be in our hearts! Never got the chance to tell you everything I needed to.

Jacob Christopher Jackson REST IN PEACE (3-13-09)