Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hmm I wonder what will happen...

I don't know if I already mentioned it on my blog, but here is what I used to think about marriage.

I used to think that I would be married by the age of nineteen.
I would have a picture perfect wedding.
My colors would be a gorgeous baby blue and soft pink.
My prince in shining armor would be an athlete (preferably a football star.)
Around six foot two.
And brown. Brown FOR SURE!
He would be very well built.
I would look very tiny next to him. ha
But him being built and at least three times my size would mean that he could protect me.
I wanted him to be the type of guy that would beat up any guy that mistreated me.
So he would have a little bit of a fighter in him.
Not a huge church going guy. I don't want him to pressure me to go to church and what not.
And when we would be in public everyone would say "WOW! That is your husband?!" Or "Oh my gosh! You guys are the cutest couple ever!!"
Totally picture perfect is what I imagined. So totally picture perfect is what I wanted.
And of course if I want it, I am going to do everything to get it right?

And so it was set. A nice, late spring, or cool summer breezed wedding. With my tall, built, dark haired blue eyed big time football player. So romantic.

And then guess what?
I changed.
I changed a lot.
All in one year.
It was like night and day.

Now what do I imagine for marriage?

I think I will be at least twenty.
It still has to be a late spring or summer wedding.
And still some softer colors for the theme.

And here is what I would like in my future husband;
To be a worthy priesthood holder.
Tall enough so I can wear heels and not look like a giant(:
Not afraid to show his love of the church.
Someone who doesn't mind not eating mac and cheese, but likes banana pancakes. (Cause I can make those better than macaroni and cheese. Sorry!)
Good with children.
Has a job he enjoys.
Enjoys time spent around my family.
Can take me to the temple.
Returned missionary.
Looks good in a button up shirt and tie. (Gotta rock the suit baby!)
Treats his mother with respect.
Faithful and loyal.
Loves me all the time, even when I am not acting very lovable.
A happy person.
Can stand up for me/protect me.

You know, if you want something to last forever. You have to treat it differently/special.
I am not sure who I will marry. I was told that he would not be what I first expected.
And I believe that now.

Reading through the first part, at what I wanted in my husband before I changed, is frustrating. So it is obvious now, to me that the man described first is not for me.

I am more like the second person. So I want the second person.

In the past year I have really turned around.
And I completed my turn around in the past month.
I know what I want.
I know what I am looking for.
And I am going to be someone that the second guy would want to be with.

Sure I am still in high school (Senior baby!) but you know... I could be married in one and a half, to two, or three years.
Crazy huh? (Don't freak out Mom and Dad!)

Love is perfect.

Only a matter of time until I can call you mine.