Sunday, September 18, 2011

Four Word Phrases.

Here are a few four word phrases I wish I heard:
I love you too.
Will you marry me?
Guess what, you passed!
You did great Leah!
You really are amazing.
I am always here.
Don't worry, I'm here.
You are safe now.
I'm not going anywhere.
Don't worry, trust me.

But guess what?
I don't hear those anymore.
I sure as heck wish I did.
But there is still one four letter phrase that can make me smile.
And that is "The Church Is True."
Who cares if you lie to me.
Who cares if you keep secrets.
Who cares if you don't like me.
Who cares if you hate me.
Who cares if you hurt me.
Who cares... Because the church is true.
Just cause I got burned doesn't mean I have to keep my hand in the fire.
I've got faith.
But This has to be a 50-50 deal. Not a 90-0 thing.

I know the church is true.
And one day I hope to be sealed in the temple with someone who will love me every day, for eternity.
Despite my pet peeves. And despite my lack of love for chocolate and pizza.
One day, someone will let me know that they know the church is true.
And through faith and love we will be married.