Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family Reunion Fun.

So we had a family reunion a few weeks ago...
And here are some "just for fun" pictures.
Don't judge.(: Just fun stuff.
LOTS of pictures. Just enjoy.(:
(P.S. They are all in order starting from the end of the night.)

Milo with a candy necklace he got from the "candy jar guessing game."

Milo with a Volley Ball.

Heidi trying to fix the pinata.

Peter just... Being Peter in one of the party hats that was originally on the Pinata.

Milo just chilling out... On the trash can... Eating popcorn...?

Cute little Meg in her party hat.

Sam Sam in his costume of the day; A Dinosaur.

Milo going after the Pinata.

Milo on the swing.

Josh on the swing. Doing it his own way... After we told him not to because he would hit the girls.
He still went ahead and swung that way anyway though.(:

Milo on the swingy thingy.

Milo Again.

David holding one of Hyrum and Sylvia's new twins.

Mia eating the piece of watermelon that everyone else rejected.

Meg eating her watermelon.

Meg just chilling out. Being cute.

Sam-Sam eating his dinner.

Milo just trying to get a refill.

Michael counting the candies.

Kaytlyn holding one of the twins.

Sam- Sam showing David how he would beat someone up.

Some of the candy jars.

Meg having fun with Mia on the swingy thingy.

Meg was so happy that she was more than willing to smile for me.

Mia being her cute self on the swingy thingy.

I just love this picture of Milo.
His face= Priceless.

Look dangerous?
David chased Joshua around with one of the huge water balloons and threw it at him but it wouldn't pop.
So they held Joshua down and placed the balloon on his back.
David then proceeded to use scissors to pop the balloon.

Genevieve just after Mike tagged her with a big water balloon.
(See picture below :} )

Mike with the large water balloon.

Peter just trying to find someone to throw the balloon at.

Meg went after Peter with her water balloon.

Peter just hanging out.

Milo was so excited to see what marks his wet feet left.

Meg had fun taking the water balloons from the wheel barrel to the boys who were shooting them off.

Just Meg... Again.

Meg, yet again. Just helping out.

Meg throwing a water balloon at Heidi.

A few of the water balloons.

Meg had a chance to try and shoot some off.

Mia trying to shoot some too.

Sorry about this Maria, but Megs face is priceless.

Josh giving it a try.

Lots of muscles.(:

Mike shot off a lot of them. He was a pro!

Josh and Sam-Sam picking out balloons.

Milo playing with his one water balloon.
Milo again.

Samuel= Captured.

Everyone trying to catch the balloons.

David holding the launcher.

Peter holding the launcher.

Mike shooting them off.

Meg with... Probably her seventh otter-pop.

Little Milo.

Jake and Jen trying to get Josh hit with a water balloon.

It worked.(:

Mike up to bat!
I guess he was the only one with a good softball picture.
Good job Mike!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures.