Sunday, September 4, 2011

Don't wanna be late.

Today I went to Sacrament meeting with my baby brother Joshua, two of my sisters; Mara and Emma, and my Father.

Twenty minutes before church I was sitting in my living room just thinking and texting when I heard emma running down the family room stairs to yell down into the basement "Joshua hurry up we are already late!!!"
I glanced at the time on my phone and just oddly looked at her when she walked into the room.
"Um... Emma, church doesn't start for another twenty minutes."
Her reply was "well we have to save seats!!"
I was very confused. I'm pretty sure saving seats for five people won't be hard.
But her and Mara were so pushy that we got there fifteen minutes early and the chapel was nearly empty.
It was ridiculous.

During the meeting I was leaning forward and told Joshua to scratch my back. He gave me that "Are you kidding me?!" look and then stole my phone and wouldn't give it back until I scratched his back.
How rude huh? After I scratched his back for a few minutes he gave my phone back and then I asked if he would scratch my back.
This is how the rest of our conversation went;
"Joshua will you scratch my back now?"
"No. You don't have anything I want."
"But Joshua... Okay. If you want me to not be mad at you then you better scratch my back!"
"hahah. Uh no."
I told my Dad he was being mean and my Dad give me two pats on the back and then looked away.
I told Joshua I was soooo mad and that boys are sooooo dumb.

Then in Young Womens they talked about Eternal Marriage and had us make a list of what we want in our future husbands.
Coincidence that I said boys are really dumb and then we discussed what kind of boy we want to marry? I think not.

Enjoy your Sunday Afternoon everyone.