Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dear boy, you rock!

Dear boy,
with your hair blowing in the wind.
I just know that we should be friends.
Oh dear boy,
you are quite wonderful to me.
I just wish it were more obvious for you to see.
Dear dear boy,
I admire you.
And that is true.
And dear boy,
Do you think it could be possible to teach me how to ride a unicycle too?

The other day I was driving to the temple when I saw a boy riding home from school on a unicycle.
Like for years?! He looked like he was in fifth grade... And was riding home from school on a unicycle like it was nobodies business!!
It was crazy stuff!
But you go boy.
That is pretty freakin' awesome.

Today I went to a Warriors hockey game!
I always sit on the other teams side because there are less people...
But I love hockey games.
I think they are so great.
There is just something about them that gets me pumped I guess?
I love watching Hockey, Football, and Soccer.
So the game was pretty good.
I didn't get to stay the whole time though because I went to talk with Dylan about him mama that I am going to go visit soon I hope.
But we will see!!

I am soooo sick today. It is freakin' annoying.