Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Daily Favorites.

Here are a few of my favorite daily things.
I will go through all of these and just a little about why they are my favorite.
And then some extra little things I use or whatever each day.
My phone: it rocks.(: Every day at nine p.m. I get an awesome phone call from an awesome person. And it is just awesome.(: It helps me stay in contact with my family, and those friends that I really care for.

My car keys: They rock. They have a dolphin on them. And they help me cut my mail open. Oh and start my car.(: They are pretty handy. Oh... But for some reason my house key is bent. Why? We will never know. But it definitely makes it a little more difficult to get inside my house.

Book of Mormon Stories: HAHAHAHA! Okay. I know. I am Seventeen and a half... But my awesome friend gave me this book and thought it was an awesome idea. He said that he hates reading but that it helps him understand the Book of Mormon and actually remember stories. It is sooo funny and childish but reading it in like 40 minutes makes you feel sooo accomplished and it is just fun. Love it. So thanks Brannock.

Preach My Gospel: Like oh my heck. I LOVE THIS BOOK. It is amazing. BOYS; MAKE SURE YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK TOO. IT IS INCREDIBLE. STUDY IT A LOT AS A TEENAGER AND AS YOU PREPARE FOR YOUR MISSIONS. I love it. I think it is great. It is such an awesome way of studying. I just love it.

Scriptures: Okay so my best friend was sooo stinkin' awesome and got me scriptures for Christmas. How sweet is that?! And I just love these scriptures. Everyone tells me they still look new, but they aren't! They still have that really nice shine to them, but they are marked up! And I just love them. They are wonderful. I am sooo grateful for them.

The Book of Mormon: Okay so Anderson and Bitton gave me this Book and it has been awesome. Then Bitton and Palmer wrote me notes that I keep in it. And they are just sooooo kind and loving and just so supportive that I am very grateful. They have been a great support to me.

HYMN Book: Ahh! Music is such a big deal in my life. It really helps me and I just love it. There are soooo many Hymns that just help me to make it through the day. I love reading through and understanding what they are saying, and then singing them. That way you sing with meaning. I hardly ever look up the scriptures at the bottom. But maybe I will get into that. Music rocks.

For The Strength of Youth: Great booklet. So brilliant. It seriously all is self explanatory.

Personal Progress: Guess what... I finished.(: Before my sixteen birthday! And now I am almost done with an honor bee. Sooooo pumped. Such a great booklet.

The Testaments: hahah love this movie. Bitton and Brannock did the commentary for it one day. FUNNIEST THING EVER. They crack me up. But I seriously learned sooo much from the movie. Just a great film. Wonderful wonderful A+

Stand a Little Taller: Oh my heck. Incredible book! I love it. Everything about it. Just sooooo amazing and I hope to get more kind of like it. I just love it. The summer before my junior year was great. And my best friend lent me their copy of it and I read through the entire thing the week I was at Yuba Lake. And I just fell in love with it and marked my favorite days. It was wonderful. And I am still in love with it.

One Bright Shining Hope: Love this book. I got it from my best friend and it is sooo motivational and each quote just helps and benefits me at different times. I love it. Brilliant.

And last but certainly not least (from the picture);
My Journal: But of course I can't tell you about it because it is personal.(: