Monday, September 19, 2011

Mondays Mean More.

Blah. What a long morning.
I went to school today.
Yay me!
I did not read for my Psychology Quiz because I wasn't planning on taking one.
But I only missed five questions! So I did pretty good.
That class is way too long though.

In third period she handed back my test and test packet... We won't even talk about those...
She drives me crazy!
She is the teacher who sent me to the principals office and she gets mad at me for the smallest and dumbest things ever!
No one likes her.
But no one can switch out.
I sure hope we can endure this semester together as peers.

After third period I was sung a song accompanied by a Uke. hahah. Thank you dear friend for that.

A Cappella was extremely long today.
But we got a lot done... Or so I think.
We are singing a song called "Shout O Glory."
I love it!
The Tenor and Bass part sounds sooooo good!

At lunch I ran to Shopko to buy Maria a magazine for her ASL class.
After I dropped it off I went home to pick up my Homecoming Dress that I bought at the beginning of September, so that I could go return it.
From there I went to the university mall and guess what!
I tried on a gorgeous 2 karat diamond ring. IT WAS HUGE!!!!
I absolutely loved it. I took a picture on my phone but it was blurry.
But it is huge!!!
Oh... I didn't just do that for fun. I was helping my friends pick out their engagement rings.
Super fun.

It has been an emotionally up and down day.

After the mall I went to pick Joshua and Maria up from school.
After I dropped them off at home I took the PT Cruiser to get it washed.
I don't think they did a good job.
But Peter says they did.
So I will trust them.

I had to cut up watermelon ... And that didn't work too well.
It took me about an hour to cut one!
Then I picked my Dad up from the Law Building.
Then got home and finished cutting watermelon...
And then left to pick Mara up from work.

Now it is time to go to the cabin.
Blah! Such a long day.
And I really hope I am home by nine.

I have a whole lot of faith right now.
I want everything to work out.
I need everything to work out.
Please. Please. Please.