Sunday, September 11, 2011

aww... HAHAH WHAT?!

I was posting on my blog while my parents were in the same room as me.
My Dad went to sit next to my Mom on the couch.
It was soooo precious.
He wrapped his arms around her and she just leaned into him.
(Everyone say AWWW!!!!)
I thought it was going to be a very precious loving moment for them so I got ready to save and log out of everything when all of a sudden I hear my sweet Mother say;
"Do you think we will have field trips on the other side?"
I put my arm up by my mouth so she wouldn't see me smile really big.
She then said;
"I think it would be pretty amazing. Except I wouldn't want to go with Isaiah because I don't understand anything he says."
I just started laughing.
Like really Mom?
So I went to tell Kaytlyn the story and she laughed.
Then my Mom went to talk with Kaytlyn and they decided they wanted to have firesides or a celestial YouTube with Moroni and the battle and my Mom said that there should be commentary too.
They are soooo crazy.
Thank you Mom and Kaytlyn for being such a wonderful example to me!
I hope to be more like you two.

Oh and by the way Genevieve,
We all made Grandma Meservys Tuna sandwiches for lunch.
(And by all of us I mean Peter, Kaytlyn, Joshua, Maria, Gabrielle, Emma and I all helped make it!)
While Kaytlyn was getting her sandwich put together she said that she loves Mayo almost as much as Whip Cream.
She said the list went Mom, Dad, Whip Cream, Mayo and then everyone else.
Emma said she would be at the top of "everyone else."
And I said "My everyone else would start with Genevieve. Because she is really good at giving the your sooo dumb look and it just makes everyone happy!"
Everyone at the table agreed.
So thank you sister Genevieve for giving us the your dumb look.
I love you!