Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Awful and Fun Day.

Where to begin...
I couldn't sleep.
I got up super early to shower. Way too early.
And for some reason, I am in sooooo much pain today.
I knew school would be hard.

Second period (English) was fine. I had a hard time thinking. But it is my easiest class. We got a writing assignment today. I am really excited. I love writing essays. Talking with the people around me was nice. Poor Joe though. I feel bad that people were so stupid.

Fourth period (T.A. for Jayson) was great. I am always worried that he is in a bad mood and that I should just shut up and not say anything. That I just need to get things done. So I got done what I could and then after all my constant hard work he asks me to make a sign. Like for reals?! I am not good with art! He wanted me to make a giant raffle ticket for advertisement for Kalai tickets. Lame Lame Lame. It didn't go over very well. But he is soooo awesome. He was so nice to me in the meanest way. I love being his T.A. he is just great. And he asked if I wanted to sing the National Anthem at the rest of the soccer home games! WoooHooo!!!

Sixth Period (Speech and Debate) is the worst. I love the teacher. I admire her for her intelligence and kindness. She just has a great presence. But my goodness. I am not doing well in that class. And it stresses me out. Competition is coming up in less than a month. I hope I will be ready.

For lunch I went to take an AP Psychology test. I got a hundred percent!... Then again it wasn't hard because it was just the class name test.

Eighth period (Seminary) was a nightmare. The kids in that class are sooo immature. I hate it. We never get anything done it is just a joke. Which is sad.

I did my AP Psychology homework for the first time today.
Um... I am a little upset. And not sure what to say.