Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Missionaries, My Friends.

Today has been emotionally draining...
I went to church (sorta) at my parents ward.
Then left for a mission farewell that started at 11.
Well, I got lost. And chose to help my brother out with his kids like I did all last summer.
Well, he didn't go to church. So I sat at church alone. :/ Super lame.
I left there after Sacrament Meeting and met up with my awesome missionary friends.
We went to Sacrament Meeting and you could hardly hear the speakers!
It was a bunch of different youth talking about their favorite church activities from this summer.
Elder Palmer (who is from Tahiti and speaks French) fell asleep for at least half of the meeting. He was out right after he got the water from the Sacrament. It was awesome ha.

Elder Bitton on the other hand, (who is from California and I have known him longer than I have known Elder Palmer) was completely awake trying to figure out what the speakers were saying, and making fun of Elder Palmer.
He showed me pictures from the past six weeks that he took on their Cell Phone of Elder Palmer sleeping in church. I don't understand why he sleeps so much. But he does.(:

After Sacrament meeting we went outside to the "picnic benches" and we talked for like an hour and a half. Just about everything. It was great. They talked about the church (of course!) and shared a lot of scriptures they thought would help me out. I'm so grateful for them and their magic book(:

I've really struggled and they have helped me a lot lately. They have really helped to change my life around. And help me find who I used to be, and then another better part of me. I've changed so much that I'm still surprised at how different I am.

And they said they can see a huge difference in who I was when I first met them two months ago, and who I am now.
Thank you Elders.
I am so glad I pray and read the scriptures now.
Even when things just aren't going well. And never look up.

Faith is a big deal.