Monday, August 15, 2011

Time is something else...

To those who live far, or who live near and don't stay in touch as much... Here goes nothing.

My last real post was at the beginning of November 2010.
Nearly a year ago.
Nearly a year ago my life changed forever. To those that know, I ended up with a responsibility I never assumed I would have at the age of 16. But it was only a learning experience that lasted until the end of January. My heart still aches.

December was a very rough month for me. Issues with the boy I love and issues with the in-laws my siblings love. People can be lame, but love is perfect. My favorite Christmas presents were a set of scriptures, and a flute.

January was the start of a new year. New years day will be a day I will never forget.

In February my boyfriend gave me the most amazing Valentines Day gift; He wrote me a song. It doesn't get any better than that. He also bought me a Nikon. Bless his heart. As well as flowers that I am still in awe of.

March was a... Well I don't know.(: I don't remember much.
Same goes for April. Except for the fact that I LOVE Scooter rides. And the flowers and sky are gorgeous.

May was graduation! Not mine, but my boyfriends and Mara as well as the majority of the Band, Drama, and Choir groups. (: I love the Timpview high schools music department.

June was the start of summer. And went just swell. I tried Marching Band with the famous Dr. Fullmer and just loved it. It was definitely a challenge. But it went great. Did I mention, I LOVE FOURWHEELING. I skipped a day at lagoon to go Fourwheeling with my best friend. Best decision ever.

July was a month of heartache as I found out my health was a thumbs down.

And August has sucked so far.(: So yeah...

Anyway. In the past year I have lost two precious little things I never physically saw.
I went to three homecomings, three proms, and one Valentines dance.
I ate octopus for the first time.
I lost my 'true love.'
I've been cheated on.
I've been a jerk.
I've regretted the way I've treated the ones I care about most.
And most recently,
I've gotten my heart shattered.
and I've found God.
Well, if some days are just plain boring, I will post in some of my fondest memories of the past year.
After all, I won't be here too long.
I love you all!