Saturday, August 20, 2011


Alright Jason here is the image of the day posted just because you wanted your new wife to see it after I mentioned it in the wedding photoshoot. Congratulations Sally and Jason!
I love you both!

So while I worked Wednesday Thursday and Friday I heard some of the... Most interesting things.
Here are some:

Cheerleader: "Hey Leah do you know how much Jeans cost?"
Leah: "Yeah, $10. It says it on the sign."
Cheerleader: "No it doesn't, it says Pants are $10. I didn't know if that meant Jeans too."
Leah: "Umm... I'm pretty sure it was implied..."
Like really?

Lady: Hey can we use coupons at this tent sale?
Leah: No sorry you can only use them in the store.
Lady: Oh so I can take clothes that I find here and buy them with a coupon in the store?
Leah: Um no. You can only buy in store stuff with the coupon.
Lady: But I want to use the coupon out here, can I speak to a manager?

Lady: Honey why are you crying so much?
Daughter: Mommy, I'm just so sad! God just stole my balloon right out of my hands it's on its way to Heaven right now.
I looked up and sure enough her balloon was flying away. Sad day.

Lady: Um excuse me, what is your name?
Leah: Oh, I'm Leah Anne(:
Lady: Are you my sons girlfriend?
Leah: Uh no?
Lady: Yeah I think you are, my son is Kevin.
Leah: Ma'am you must be mistaken. I've had the same boyfriend for the past year. ONE guy.
Lady: And his name isn't Kevin?
Leah: Um, I'm pretty sure after a year I'd have my boyfriend full name memorized.
Lady: I really think you're wrong.
Leah: Um, Ma'am I'd rather not argue. I am absolutely positive I've been dating a guy who isn't named Kevin for the past year.
Lady: Oh. Okay then... Do you want to date Kevin?
Leah: No Miss, I'm sorry but I'm not interested.
Lady: Oh... Okay I will give you his number and when you are you can call him?
Leah: I'd rather not. Sorry.
Lady: But just when you want to-
Leah: Miss you don't understand, I'm interested in someone else still.
Lady: Fine. I'm leaving.
Leah: ... Um... Okay... Have a good day...?

Soooo awkward!