Thursday, August 18, 2011

Once Upon a Spirit Squad Work Day...

(P.S. I am not a huge fan of the picture either. So don't complain.(: )

So I worked the DownEast sale again today.
It took forever.
But thank goodness we got a good breeze around six.
It took longer to clean up because the people were funnier this time and not as smart.(:
It was so much fun watching the BYU Spirit Squad trying to load up everything.
I met Dave. We tried to tell Dave to separate the DownEast clothes from the other clothes.
And explained that the cute clothes are DownEast and the "Eh" clothes are the "other."
Well he lifted up a shirt and said "I think...If I were a girl... This would be cute. So this is DownEast."
I said "Oh boy..."
And he said "Sorry, I don't have much of a fashion sense, even as a boy. Didn't you see what shoes I'm wearing?" hahah I couldn't help but laugh.
He was a blast to be around.
And he is a lot older than he looks, but he is bald. Ha.
I loved working with the girls, usually the girls don't talk with us DownEast workers.
But these girls talked and laughed with Maria and I, it was just great.
Tomorrow is going to be a hard day working 8am-4pm.
But I hope it will be okay!

Alright so Highs and Lows?

Low: Starting so many sentences in conversations with "My boyfriend..." or "Oh so does my boyfriend!" or "Hey my boyfriend..." etc and then pausing and saying, "well... Actually... My friend..."

High: The clouds at 6am. And seeing my Uncle Larry. He is so wonderful.(:

Goodnight everyone.
I am hopefully off to do something fun.