Tuesday, August 30, 2011

NOTICE: The Following Post Contains a lot of PINK.

This is my rug.(: I have a wood floor and two pink carpets.(: Cute huh?
So once upon a time I got a phone the summer before my freshman year.
And then I got another... And another... And another... And another...
Well you get the point, right?
I have been through a lot of phones.
Sometimes they just get old... Or sometimes they get dropped too much... Or sometimes they jump ( and I mean JUMP by THEMSELVES) into the toilet.
So here are a lot of the phones that I have had since my freshman year.

This is my newest, and current phone. A touch screen phone that is smaller than an iphone.
I love it! It is just great. A lot of fun. And simple. Totally my kind.
These are my two favorite phones that I have ever had. The blackberry saved my life! I love the calendar and the note pad on the blackberry. It is seriously an amazing phone. I have always enjoyed it.
The phone on the right was incredible. Definitely in the top three. It was just sooooo amazing. So easy. So small. Amazing camera. Easy to work with. Simple. Amazing amazing amazing! And then it jumped into the toilet...

Now this phone... Ha this is the first phone I had. I gotta say, I really enjoyed it. I had it for a while. It was just awesome. It broke from old age. But I enjoyed it while I had it. I love the spinning thing. Just so much fun.

Now lets see how long this touch phone lasts me.
It is my second touch phone.
But I love it most!