Sunday, August 21, 2011

No! Bad Blackberry!

A week ago today I spent the day crying into my blackberry.
I guess too many of my tears got into my blackberry, and it just gave up.
After a long phone conversation I went to send a text message,
I pressed the "I" letter key and it typed in the letters "IR" I thought;
"Come on really? Don't mess with me!"
So I pressed the "Delete" button and guess what it did?
It typed in the letters "JK."
For reals?
So I pressed the "delete" key again, and once again it typed in "JK"
OVER and OVER and OVER again I tried, all that happened was "JKJKJKJKJKJKJKJK"

My blackberry has a sick sense of humor.
It did NOT make me happy.
But looking back at it now I just laugh.
But my blackberry is still on my dresser and I have no patience to deal with it and its annoying sense of humor for a while.

Right now I am using a slide touch phone but I need a new phone.
Sucks that all touch phones are considered "Smart Phones"
Looks like I might end up with a Verizon phone any day now.
You know what that means?