Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Love it when I have it, Hate it when I don't.

The feeling of having money is wonderful.
The feeling of not having money is awful.

With one term from my freshman year, and one from my sophomore year I have a total of ONE SEMESTER of English I have failed in my high school career.
Super lame right?
I tried EHS... And I tried a BYU class online.
I hate doing classes online.
I definitely failed those both. I feel so stupid. But I just can't do those.

But guess what?
There is a Debate class that if you're a senior (which I will be this year, I know I'm still short, but I am getting older.) they offer it as a replacement for English!
But seeing as I need three semesters of English to graduate... And there are only two semesters a year... I have to do both.
I thought it was a genius idea!
Because Debate actually sounds like a lot of fun!

So my schedule is:

1. AP Psychology (Full Year.)
2. English 12 (Full Year.)
3. U.S. Government/Citizenship (Semester. No class second semester.)
4. Seminary! It'll rock (I HOPE!) I haven't taken seminary as a real class since Freshman year!
5. A Cappella (FULL YEAR! YAY!!!)
6. Debate (Full Year)
7. No Class All Year.
8. Astronomy (LAME) And then Child Development second semester (To go along with my hope of being a psychologist.)

SO there it is to everyone who has been asking. And to those who haven't been. ha.

But anyway! Back to the money...

Debate costs $175.
Without Debate my school fee's will already cost about $205 (Thanks to A Cappella.)
My Mom says there is no way we can add another almost $200 to that.

Money is soooo tight now that we don't have a family job.
She keeps making sure that we know Christmas is going to be very different this year.

So Today and tomorrow I am working a DownEast sale, from 1-9 both days.
My parents don't want me having a job during the school year.
But there is no way these two days will pay for my Debate fee.
I hate the stress.
I just want to graduate.
I want all the money to be worth it.
I want to make it to the end.

I guess we will see what happens.

I hope it is a good day.
Even though it is going to be long.

Deep Breath... Okay... Lets do this.