Monday, August 22, 2011

Just hold on... Just hang in there.

I've had a killer headache.
As if someone took a baseball bat to my head and hit it until it hurt.
My whole body aches.
I've got a headache.
My back is tight.
My hands are shaking.
My legs are stiff.
My body is breaking.
My eyes are watering.
But I've got my unfailing smile on.
Tomorrow is the first day of school for me as a senior.
Will I make it?
I hope so.
I just need to make it through three classes.
Here is my prayer,
help me to stay strong.
Help me to carry on.
Through the hurt, and the wrong from others,
Please just help me to carry on.
This smile is going no where.
I've just got to make it one more day.
And then we will go from there.
Help me. Help me. Help me to carry on.

I've got AP Psychology, Citizenship and then A Cappella tomorrow and then I will be done for the day. A Cappella is right before lunch. What a relief to just be able to get out. I don't think I could last all day. Sad to say. :/
Well, I am ready.
I will post a picture tomorrow.
Wish me luck!