Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It worked!

Guess what?
It was a good day. :D
I took a leap of faith, and it could have ended with my face in the mud and my knees scratched up, but it didn't.
I crossed the line, and you know what it got me? Two games of pool. That's right, TWO GAMES OF POOL.
What a relief.
I seriously doubted it being a good day this morning.
Thank goodness it has been good.

So here is what I'm introducing. Ready?
Drum roll please!...


Each day I will briefly tell you my high, and my low of the day.
It is pretty self explanatory really.(:
HIGH: Seeing someone I really missed, and playing pool with them. And having a very informal lunch with my Mother dearest.

LOW: Collapsing on my walk. And having to say goodbye to the Ludlow family for a year. ):

So let me tell you a sad story about today.
I was walking... hahah. I had to keep that in. I meant to type driving.
I was driving around, because I got lost on the other side of town...
And I drove past a little white kid, and a little black kid.
And as I drove by I thought I saw the white kid hit the other kid.
I slowed down and looked in my side view mirror and gasped as I saw him do it again!
I turned around and rolled down my window and asked what he was doing,
He said the black kid deserved it.
I was sooo mad and told him we don't hit. And that it is wrong.
As I told him that, the little black kid started booking it down the street and ran inside his house.
The little white kid said "You're not my mother!" to me and then went running in the opposite direction.
Why why why?
I just don't understand how they get into fist fighting at such a young age.
So sad. ):
Well I'm going to be uploading a lot of pictures in the next little while.