Friday, August 26, 2011

I know how you feel.

Today I watched New Moon.

This is the first time that while watching a Twilight series movie my heart ached.
Can you imagine that?
I didn't know that bad acting could make me feel this way.

In the second film of the series, New Moon, Edward takes Bella into the woods and tells her he is leaving.
She responds with "Well I will need to think of something to tell Charlie..."
And Edward just kind of looks around.
That is when Bella realizes Edward doesn't want her to go with him.
He tells her he doesn't want her. And then runs.
She calls after him and tries to catch up to him but ends up lost and confused and cries herself asleep in the woods.

Later on she spends a lot of time trying to contact Edwards sister, Alice, through email and tell her she is really hurting and wants to know where Edward is.
In one of the emails she sent she said something along the lines of;
"I feel so empty. And I hurt so much. It doesn't bother me so much though, because hurting is the only way I know he was real."

I thought about this for a while.
Thinking "Oh my heck. This is a freakin' dumb and poorly done chick flick and here I am relating to what she is feeling?!"
Can you believe that?!
I'm hurting, but at the same time I just think, if the love wasn't real this wouldn't hurt.

If you know the story you should remember that Bella goes all the way to Italy in order to save Edward.
Did you catch that? Let me repeat it...

Bella goes halfway around the world to save the love of her life from killing himself/being killed!
Can you believe that?
He leaves her, in such a rude and sudden way and in return she goes halfway around the world to say "I love you" by 'saving' his life.
She begs the volturi to not hurt him after he crushed her heart.
Amazing huh?