Saturday, August 20, 2011


I woke up feeling disgusting. After sending out a few text messages I hopping into the shower.
Thank goodness my Mother made my favorite breakfast or today would have been twice as long.
After eating breakfast and talking about work for the past three days I went downstairs to watch TV... I don't even remember what we watched.
Hyrum called and asked if Gabrielle and I could go over and help with the kids while Sylvia shopped.
That took a long time...
I got home and hoped I might end up with plans tonight, but of course I didn't.
I worked on the A Cappella seating arrangement, then got sent to Maceys to run an errand for my Mom.
I then came home and worked on the seating arrangement again, then got sent to take Samuel his phone.
And finally came home to finish the seating chart.
Once finished I ran another errand, cried, and then sat around.
I went upstairs to read Michael Vey for a while...
And decided I'd post and then get to bed I guess.
Lame day huh?

High: Waking up.
Low: Waking up.