Wednesday, August 31, 2011

For Tanner.

Alright, for everyone that doesn't know Tanner let me describe him for you.
Tanner is a nine year old four foot eight chick magnet.
He wears thick rimmed glasses and suspenders.
Tanner has chicken legs and arms, but is the strongest kid I know.
Tanner makes me happy.
Every time I go over to Shannons house and I am having a bad day, whether or not it shows he just knows and he will give me the biggest hug.
On more than one occasion Tanner has given me gifts, such as drawings, macaroni necklaces, and fruit.
Tanner was adopted, and his birth mother made some poor choices when pregnant, and now Tanner is the one who has to suffer with brain defects.
But Tanner is sooo special to me and so many others.
Whenever us girl friends go out he is always there with us.
He is such a charmer and we just adore him.
Every time I have been around Tanner and I am leaving he always says "Peace Out Girl Scout!"
It cracks me up I just think it is sooo awesome.
Thank you for everything Tanner.
Thank you for always being willing to help out.
And for always being a highlight of my day when I see you.

Lots of love, hugs, and high fives bud!