Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Finally a SENIOR.

It was a crazy morning...
I will leave it at that.

I got to school and went into the band room trying to figure out if I got .25 elective credit for doing summer band. No Luck. UGH!(:

I walked over to Binghams room (Clay Bingham is one of the top golfers in Utah. Great great guy!) I wanted to ask if I could TA for him Seventh period. But he doesn't even have a seventh period!

So as I walked over to my AP Psychology class I bumped into Mr. Jayson Mansanarez. This guy, is awesome. He coaches soccer and is just all around a great guy. Oh! And does photography.
He asked how things were going and after a minute of chit chat I mentioned I wanted to fill in my Seventh period. He said he didn't have one but was hoping I'd TA for him any other period.
UGH! I am so crazy, but to be a TA for Jayson is like 'an honor.' So guess who is moving around her schedule in order to TA for him?
Here is my plan.
Keep everything the same. BUT! Take Seminary off for first semester and replace is with TA for Jayson.
And go to Early Morning Seminary instead.
It is really all still in the air. But I think I might want to do that for first semester. But we will see. Maybe I will just TA for him third period second semester.
Gah sooo crazy!
And I am sooo mad that Seminary is not a top priority, but seriously? Did anyone actually think I was graduating from Seminary? If you did, then you are crazy. ;)
I guess we will see how Seminary goes tomorrow, and if it goes well then I won't switch around.
If I don't like the class, then I am for sure switching!
I want to keep my Seventh period open for first semester. I think it will really help me out. But we will see.

Oh so back on track!
I went to AP Psych. He gave us a quiz (all the answers ended up being false.) And he gave us the AP Final Exam that they look this last May. OH! And I have a five page essay to write.
Oh Joy.

Mrs. Perry (yes like the platapus) is my Government teacher. She can not stand us! The Football players are too much for her to handle. And we only have like two or three in there! This is her first year teaching at Timpview. and could quite possibly be her last.
She gave us a few writing assignments that are due next time.

A Cappella... I am speechless! Ha! We spent a good... Twenty minutes trying to take roll?
We measured all but 20 girls for their 'costumes' (A Cappella dresses, I don't know why Larsen calls them costumes. Throws me off every time.) It was sooo crazy!
Being secretary is sooo good because I don't think I could just be a student. I love helping out. And I love all the people on the staff!
Alyssa, Nikki, Amber, Adam, Steff, and Kiani are awesome!
I hope this is a great year in A Cappella. I want to make it a good one for Mr. Larsen but we will see what happens!
And we are all crossing our fingers that we get to go to L.A. this spring! But we will see.
I just want to go on a trip with them.
L.A. is the least expensive. But how awesome would D.C. or N.Y.C. be?!
I guess we will find out!

Now, time for homework.
Posting again tonight. Enjoy your afternoon.