Wednesday, August 17, 2011


So, partially ignore the ugly picture(:
The point of the picture is the thumbs up!

Things are really rough, but I am just rolling through.

Today I worked the DownEast sale for the afternoon.
Holy Wow! Longest 7 hours of my... Day! ha(:
It was soooo hot, I was exhausted, and over all just didn't feel well.

But it was fun being able to talk with random people.
A little boy (about the age of 6) told me I was very pretty and he wanted me to be his girlfriend.
A little girl (about the age of 7) told me she wanted to be just like me when she gets older because I'm "so pretty and work with clothes!"
A Hispanic lady told me I have a gorgeous smile.
A guy that works with the BYU Spirit Squad told me I was beautiful and asked what year I was in, I told him I was going to be a senior and he said I looked a little young to be a senior, I laughed and said a senior in high school. He was surprised but then still asked for my number, YEAH RIGHT MR.!
And 8 guys asked for my number.
And those 8 guys didn't get my number.
What, do they think I'm stupid?

Oh my goodness! Funny stuff, Joshua got his wisdom teeth out this morning!
He came home with his face wrapped like Jacob Marley from Scrooge.
He is the greatest little brother I could ever ask for.(:

So I think that tonight is like the perfect night to go race Aluminum Foil ships down the BYU stream.
But not alone. :/
/Sad day.