Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't yell at me.

Guess who got in trouble in class today?
Like I mean, full on yelled at.
First time since freshman year when Sweetwood yelled at me for talking back.
Well this time it was my Government teacher, Mrs. Perry.
(Yes, like the platypus.)
I was turned halfway around in my seat when our conversation started.
"Leah Anne turn around and shut up!" -Perry
"Excuse me? Did you seriously just tell ME to shut up?" -Leah
"Yes I am very sick of you talking all the time." -Perry
"All the time? You mean for me smiling at Bri and quickly saying I was so glad she is in this class?" -Leah
"Well I guess I'm just sick of everyone talking and you just added to it." -Perry
"Okay..." -Leah
"What??" -Perry
"What do you mean what? You were rude." -Leah
"I'm sorry I told you to shut up. Would you please turn around?" -Perry
"Why yes, I would love to." -Leah

Yeah, I'm totally getting an 'A' in her class.

Psychology sucked. I am not excited to read a lot for the class and type up papers every day. How annoying.

A Cappella was less crazy today. It was nice to say hi and make friends with people. I hope it only goes up from here.

Lunch rocked. Thank you sooooooooo much Thomas! And I loved watching a movie after that.
There is just something about sitting on a couch and being held so close to someone else.
It gives so much comfort.
I can't even describe it.
And it is very hard looking into the eyes of someone you trust with your life, but can't tell them because they don't want to be that close to you.

Goodnight everyone.

Tailgate Party tomorrow night.