Monday, August 15, 2011

Don't fail me now...

It is the last week... Don't fail me now summer.
I have spent the last week crying.
And you know what I was told? : "Stop crying. What good is it going to do?"
I love it when you fall so far in love with someone and things don't work out.
You feel a pain that no wound can compare to.
Well I didn't sleep last night. The storm, my broken heart, and my thoughts kept me up.
I spent the majority of my day cleaning and running errands.
Not exactly what I wanted.
You know what I do want before Tuesday August 23?
I want to go race tin foil ships down a stream.
I want to make rice crispy treats.
I want to go four wheeling.
I want to go for a drive with the wind blowing in my hair.
I want to go for a bike ride.
I want to get a hug from someone who cares, because they want to.
I want to lay on the grass at night and look at the sky.
I want to get a dollar bill and post it to a sign that says "FREE" and let it make someones day.
I want to read and fall in love with "Michael Vey" ; Richard Paul Evans newest book.
I want to make someones day just by giving them a hug.
I want to have a good day.
I wish I knew someone who would help me out with this.
But no, almost everyone things they are cool enough to be out on a beach for the last week of summer. ;)
"Having rich friends can suck."
I just need a friend.

Quote of the day:
"The most memorable people in life
are the friends who loved you
when you weren't very lovable."