Monday, August 29, 2011

Best conversations from today.

(Today I sent my mom a text with my new phone number. Which is oddly my sisters old number. This is our short conversation.)
Leah: Could we take new pictures for the wall tonight?
Mom: Thats what I was thinking! Can you text Dad and Leah about that?
Leah: This is Leah... Remember, new number? It was even your idea... Or is this not my mom????
Mom: Oh that's right! Oops!
Leah: (: It is okay. I still love you.
Mom: Hey thanks! I love you too!... Fist bump.
My Mom rocks.
Leah: How is Genevieve doing?
Maria: She seems pretty good. We got her to laugh a few times and she gave me the 'you're dumb look.'
Leah: Ugh I hate that look! It makes me feel soooo stupid.
Joshua: That's why it's called the 'you're dumb look.'
Peter: Yeah. That is the only look she gives Joshua.
Leah: Joshua, and Maria, but not Peter. We are taking pictures for the living room wall tonight. So make sure you have an outfit picked out.
Peter: An outfit? But isn't it just going to be a head shot.
Maria: Yeah I think we should just do it from the bust up.
Leah: I know. But don't you guys want other pictures too?
Joshua: Do I have to wear pants?
Leah: Uh yes!
Joshua: But if it is just a head shot then no one will notice.
Leah: Trust me they will. Even if it is just a head shot, and you put your hand on your hip people can tell. So if you don't wear pants people will know.
Joshua: Oh right. So when they look at the picture they will just be like "woah wait! He is not wearing pants!!!!

My brothers rock.