Friday, August 19, 2011

Beautiful Morning on Grandview Hill.

I took a couple steps outside my front door and saw some lighting in the south so I turned around and went to get my camera.
I am responsible for getting Mara to and from work most of the time.
This morning we left at about 6:20 for work.
Once I dropped her off I was trying to find a good spot for picture taking of the mountains.
CLEARLY nothing turned out very well.(:
But I tried, it was much more beautiful in person though.(:
I drove up onto Grandview Hill and was there for about 40 minutes taking pictures and just sitting out, watching and thinking.
Well sorry for the lamely boring post.
It was a cruddy night full of surprises.
I hope today is better. :/
Now working 8-4. :/
Someone stop by to say hi? The sale is great.
Have a good day.