Saturday, August 27, 2011

Banana Pancakes!!!

Oh Baby.

Thanks to my friend Thomas I am a HUGE banana pancake fan!

The first time I had them was with him and they were DELICIOUS!

He made them look so good, and soooo easy to make that I decided to make them at my house for the first time this summer.

And to my surprise they turned out wonderful.

So now whenever our bananas get a little brown I make banana pancakes.

My siblings LOVE them.

Gabrielle is the only one that never seems excited about them.

But they are sooooo good.

So this morning I made Banana Pancakes for everyone.

Sure it took forever.

But it was soo nice to be in the Kitchen making food for everyone and just hearing all the
conversations going on.

I love my family.

And I love Banana Pancakes.