Thursday, November 4, 2010

R.I.P. Blakey Blake.

Tears came to my eyes just as I put in the title.
I can't say much myself or I would be a complete wreck.
So I left it up to my good friend Delaney H. to rap it out for me.
Thanks D.
Here it goes:

got the news, couldn't fathem what happened.

now i'm on homies facebook page rappin.

can't believe it's true,

i miss you,

things we planned together that now i can never do.

wouldn't be the same.

my world turned dark n gloomy,

i'm stuck in the rain.

i want you back homie,

this causes so much pain.

it's like my heart is starting to bleed, startin ta race.

when blake was up in the place i remember a smile on everyone's face.

shit was contagious, constant good vibes.

you're not quite gone, through our memories you're immortalized.

as i'm puttin this down it's bringin tears to my eyes.

but from here on out when i look at the skies, i know it's blakey blake up there showin his pride.

heart of a lion, impact of a bomb. forever in my heart, blake johnson lives on.
-Rest In Complete Paradise Bro-

Miss ya Blakey.
Don't know what hundreds of us will do without you.
You immediately had an impact on so many of us.
Hope to see you later on.