Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Most people would be this excited if they got a 4.0 in school.
But this situation is different.
With everything I suffered and struggled through my freshman year I was happy to just pass all my classes.
But Hello Junior Year!!!
I not only passed all my classes, but I passed them with three A's with 100% and four B's. And a bitter sweet C+.
But boy am I happy!
I struggled at the beginning of the year just getting over a rough few months.
And then an up and down few weeks at the end of the term.
My mind was not where it needed to be all the time.
But I was sooo happy to go to my mom with a smile on my face and tell her "Look! It's better!" I've done sooo much better this year compared to the previous two years.
AND the good news, is that it's all up hill from here!
All I need is motivation.
There is definitely new life in my face.
It was a rough weekend for multiple reasons and I'm just so glad I'm allowing myself to recover.
Most friend will be surprised I'm saying this, but I am sooo thankful to church this last Sunday.
If it weren't for church, I wouldn't of gotten a bunch of more tears out, and I wouldn't of been able to capture myself at the same time.