Saturday, October 30, 2010


So I came back as soon as I could from my weekend get away at the "Wilde" cabin, to surprise my best friend and hope to spend more time together on a empty Saturday.
But turns out I was the one in for a surprise.
I ended up having to go from four wheeling with mud all over me, to work with no shower, and not even a tiny stop at home. While at work I eagerly went to call my best friend, and things back fired on me.
I was speechless, but of course my tears ran free.
I've never ever ever cried over a guy before.
New experience for me.
After work I found out some shocking news about a friend and their family, but there wasn't enough information to really get me screaming.
It poured and poured outside, and I just thought through all the times I've cried so much that my face is just washed out, and realized that in the past year, every time I've cried like that, the rain just pours.
I went for a drive to the temple and cried for 45 minutes.
When I really just couldn't hold myself together I cried with the rain.
After I rushed home, almost crashing I still wasn't fully together, my mom and I went to fill up cars. And then I went to a Halloween party. It was a fine experience. But I do hate Halloween.