Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wave Runners

Today was the third full day.
It was a bit stormy out, well it has been all week.
But lucky enough I was able to use a Wave Runner today.
Genevieve took me out on one and we switched off driving.
What a great experience.
We were probably out for a good hour.
After getting tired of that we went inside to work on a puzzle.
It wasn't long before Mike offered me another chance to use a wave runner on my own.
Of course I didn't pass it up.
I went out, but this time the wind was blowing so much that the water was always in my face.
A few times I thought I would fall off of the wave runner.
Tyler and Mike teased me a bit while we were out there.
Just speeding around me on their Wave Runners.
It was pretty fun.
Genevieve got a good swim in with the dogs. It was cute. (: