Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bouy Swim.

Last Day.
The weather was the pits today.
It rained and was very muddy.
Mike, Genevieve and I made a bet.
We guessed how long it would take for the weather to clear up.
I guess 15 minutes.
Genevieve guessed half hour.
And Mike guessed one hour.
The two people whose guesses were farthest away had to swim out to the bouy.
Well... I think Mike cheated, and made himself win.
Because he was the one deciding when the weather was clear enough.
So Genevieve and I had to swim out to the Bouy.

So, here is Mike. The "Winner"...
Not looking so happy though eh?

Well, I was ready to go. I was a bit bummed I lost. But so pumped and ready to get out there.

It wasn't long before Genevieve followed. It was a nice Swim.