Thursday, August 5, 2010

Valgardson Boys.

As soon as I got back from swimming to the bouy I was invited to go Water Skiing with the Valgardsons (My neighbors). Four of the boys went before me and did a pretty amazing job.
This was my first time going so I was a bit scared, and worried it would just be a classic AFV moment.
Well I hopped into the water and Jeremy and Tyler helped me get the skies on and the rope to my hands. I was pretty worried I would just embarrass myself.
But as soon as I told Dave to "Hit it" I felt so confident.
It seemed way too easy!
I slowly eased up, and on my first try I was up!!
It was great.
But after everything I had been through this week my arms were so exhausted I couldn't hold on.
I wasn't up for too long before splashing right into the water.
Thanks Michelle, Tyler, Jeremy, Dave, Mike, and Genevieve for pushing me to try it!