Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday, again.

Sunday again.
I went to the Grandview ward at nine this morning.
Hyrum and Sylvia were no shows, so I sat out in the foyer alone for about the third week or so in a row. I sit out there way too often by myself. It is pretty lame and cold.
But a great time to beat the games on my phone I suppose...

After sacrament meeting I drove straight to the Provo Peak ward for an interview with the bishop.
I was so out of it I didn't even notice my good friend, so I felt guilty not giving him a ride /:
But he still opened the door for me, so we were all good.
Interview went alright.

I left church to go home and eat. Turns out I couldn't decide fast enough what I wanted to eat, so I drove back to church to hear Maria speak. After she finished her great talk I went home to have a breakfast drink, and some fruit... I don't know what kind, but it was great.
Then I drove back to church to make sure I kept my promise, and showed up to Sunday school.

Even though the teacher was not... mmm the most exciting, I enjoyed sitting in class, for the first time in a while.

after church I fell asleep for about half hour, it felt nice, but was wrong timing.
After a some what quick phone conversation I ran over to a friends house for "Sunday Dinner"
While eating dinner we watched Madagascar 2... Odd but funny.
It was a nice evening.
When I was dropped off my friend came in for a bit to sit with my family for Dessert Sunday.
Not the best time, but you get what you get.

A few more phone calls totaling about two or so hours and a couple blog posts to finish the night, and I'm off to bed.