Thursday, August 19, 2010

New Hair.

Yesterdays schedule:
Woke up.
Layed in bed texting for half hour.
Watched half hour of television.
Read scriptures with the family.
Took Maria, Gabrielle, and Emma to buy swim suits.
Left Maria and Gabrielle at the sale, took Emma to the Orthodontist.
Went back to the sale to buy swim suits and pick up the girls.
When we got home we tried on the swim suits.
Then I rushed over to BYU, to meet up with my baby brother and our friend Charles.
After a game of pool and messing around for a bit we got Jamba Juice.
Charles was brave enough to trust me and get Strawberries Wild, which he did say he liked.
We went to do a quick game of bowling and of course the scoring went Charles, Joshua, then Me.
Joshua needed to be home by 2 in order to go shopping with peter.
So we walked home right after the game.
It was still pretty warm but by the time everyone got home it began to rain.
Love phone calls.

Helping out friends.
Going swimming.
Seeing a great person.
Hopefully getting over being sick.
And planning a time to get my hair cut.
I really really want a perm (Curly hair)
But I am starting to be a chicken about it.
/: oh boy. What am I going to do!?